What does Stressless Events supply for your bartending services?

Above and beyond our friendly staff, we bring all essential bar tools for your event.  Other items available depending on your needs.  We will assist you throughout the process of making sure your bar needs are complete.

What would I need to supply?

                As the event requester you would need to supply;

                                All the alcohol based on our suggestions (Liquor, beer & wine)

                                Tables and/or Bar, including a back table

                                Bar linens

                                Ice and/or Mixers if not contracted through us

What time does the Stressless Events Bartenders staff arrive?

Our staff will arrive at the venue at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the event.  This gives the staff plenty of time to properly setup the bar area, confirm that all items that need chilling are properly cooled and that all items are prepared prior to your guests arrival.  This time is included in your estimate.

What time does the Stressless Events Bartenders staff depart?

We plan our departure to be about 60 minutes following the event’s scheduled ending time.  Our staff is committed to making sure that the bar area is clean, including that all alcohol and other related items are secure.  We also take the time to collect any trash and bar glasses left in the vicinity of the event.  

Do Bartenders Request Proof of Age?

Yes, we do require valid proof of age.  Our bartenders will under no circumstances serve anyone under the age of 21. Sorry - No Exceptions.

How long in advance do I need to book for an event?

We can be very busy during certain times of the year so your best bet would be to go to our Contact page and let us know when you would need us.  We will do everything we can to accomodate your request.

If my guests are having a great time and the event goes longer than the contracted time, what can I do?

Our quote is based on a minimum of 5 hours of bar service, (excludes setup and breakdown). However, you may ask the bartender in charge if the staff can remain at the event for additional time and that the venue will allow an extension. Standard  hourly rates would apply and will be billed accordingly.

Should I tip the wait staff after the party?

Tipping is not necessary but always appreciated.  If, you feel the staff was exceptional and you would like to tip the staff, you may do so after the event concludes. You also have the option to allow the bar staff to accept tips from your guests with a tip jar during your event.

Where do the leftovers go after the event?

Depending on the venue rules, the alcohol must be securely stored and/or removed from the site. This is normal at a public site such as a State Park or Historic property.  This does not apply to private homes. We will coordinate with the event planner, property manager or home owner as to where these can be safely stored.